Why Choose Us

We are your best chance of getting your data back successfully in good condition.  We know what to do, how to do it and will always do it in a safe and professional way.


1.  Our team of data recovery engineers uses specialised hardware, software, and technology. E.g BGA chip-off/rework equipment, firmware repair technology, and chip-off capability.


2.  Apple refers clients to us for data recovery in Australia.


3.  We have a team of data recovery engineers, working together to help solve your problem and get your files back with the highest possible chance of success.


4.  We will always be honest, answer all of your questions and keep you updated during the data recovery process. Our goal is to help you recover your data.


5.  We will try harder than anybody else and will not give up when the problem is difficult to fix. Your best chance of getting your data back is with Payam Data Recovery.


6.  Our employees’ job satisfaction comes from helping customers, we come to work every day to help people and we do what others say is impossible.


7.  We specialise in recovering data from physically damaged or faulty phones, requiring complex and time-consuming hands-on electronics repair work with tiny components.


8.  Our data recovery engineers specialise in temporary repairs to your phone to recover the data, this is done with a microscope, soldering iron, a multi meter, world-class tools and training.


9.  We can perform ‘chip-off’ recoveries in-house and have all of the best equipment in the world including Cell bright UFED, use JTAG, RIFF boxes and custom mad jigs and adapters all-purpose build only for data recovery. These are tools that your local phone repair experts won’t have.


10.  We have the most experienced and well-trained team of data-recovery engineers.


11.  Our engineers can help with a hard drive with a file system problem, bad sectors, firmware corruption, PCB damage, damaged heads, seized spindle motor and other problems.


12.  We have specialised hardware to help recover data from devices that nobody else can. Many of our customers are other data recovery companies and IT service companies.


13.  We will try harder, spend more time and put in more effort than anybody else. We don’t give up easily and will treat your device as if it held our family photos and important files that must be recovered.


14.  5-Star Google Reviews – more online reviews and testimonials than any other data recovery company in Australia.


15.  We have the latest data recovery technology and equipment available worldwide.