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Please read over this critical information summary. Here you’ll find everything you need to know. Frequently asked Questions: HOW LONG DOES THIS WHOLE PROCESS TAKE? Answer: It is impossible to give an exact timeframe before inspecting each device physically as every case has its own unique challenges. In saying that, all devices are typically assessed within 3 business days of us receiving the device. After 3 business days we will send you a device condition report with the details of what is required to recover your data. The report will include a quote and estimated timeframe to recover your data. HOW DOES MAIL IN DATA RECOVERY WORK? Fill out and submit our “submit a job” form and we will review your case. If we are able to accept the case we will confirm and ask you to post your device secured in safe packaging. When posting in a device you must include a copy of the “submit a job” form or a letter that includes your full name, contact number and email, address and an explanation of your device condition and problem and required files that need to be recovered. Due to the device having a rechargeable battery, you must send your device in rigid packaging. Please put the device secured in bubble wrap within a box – a satchel is not permitted by Australia post and terms of service. HOW DOES PAYMENT FOR DATA RECOVERY WORK? After the assessment we will send you a detailed report of your device condition along with the works requirements to recover your data. The detailed report will include a quote for the works required. If you wish to continue with the recovery of your data an upfront payment is required. Once payment is received in full we will start your data recovery and once your data is recovered it will be sent to the address that you have nominated on the job form. DIAGNOSIS, QUOTES AND INSPECTION TERMS! We provide free of charge quote and free inspection. Once the device is received by Data Recovery Centre, the device will be inspected and diagnosed. You will then receive a quote based on the assessment. If you do not wish to proceed with the data recovery after a quote is provided, there will be no fees for the inspection, however, return postage fees will be applicable. Upon payment of the return postage fee will post your device back to you ASAP. Estimates provided on our website or via phone call, text, email or socials, are not quotes and are estimates only. Quotes will only be provided once we have inspected the device physically on our end in person. Disclaimer - We may need to order parts in if we do not have them on hand or our stockist may become completely out of stock . Data Recovery Centre will inform you of any roadblocks / issues that arise and if we cannot within reason, achieve and or meet expectations.   Important Terms and Conditions of Service: By submitting your device to us you shall be taken as agree to the following terms and conditions: • I acknowledge that the data recovery process will void my warranty and will not hold Data Recovery Centre liable for any reason due to warranty or hardware support being void/lost or damage of any kind to the screen or cosmetic damage of any kind to the phone. I will not seek any payment, compensation, replacement or repair cost of any kind from Data Recovery Centre under any circumstance. • I am the owner of this device, I can provide you with proof and ID if required. Note: If you are NOT the owner of this service, we will refuse to provide this service to you due to privacy laws we cannot recover data if the device is not yours. Even if it belongs to a family member or employee. • I know my PIN/Passcode/code to unlock the phone and I DO agree to pay you if I do not give you the correct code to unlock the device. Note: If we can repair the fault but unable to unlock the device due to not being provided with the correct code, I agree to pay the completion/total price quoted (even if the data cannot be recovered). If you do not know your PIN/Passcode or refuse to give it to us, do not proceed any further. We require payment within 7 days if this scenario occurs. Reminder: If the device does not belong to you, do not send it to us! We will refuse service. • I understand this is NOT a forensic service and will not try to use it as such. Data Recovery Centre will not provide me with any findings report or statement. No report or statement will be provided under any circumstances. I agree NOT to request this. This is for data recovery work being requested for private use only, NOT for legal action of any kind now or in the future. If you require the data to be used as evidence in court, please find a company specializing in computer/mobile phone forensics. We are a data recovery company, we do not wish to be involved in court cases/legal matters of any kind.